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Eiki EIP-X5500 Projector Rental Orlando

eiki eip x5500
Display Technology 0.7" DMD™ DLP® chip x 1
Brightness (ANSI) 5,500 ANSI Lumens
Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
Max. Computer Input UXGA
Max. Video Input 1080p
Contrast Ratio 2200:1
Panel Size 0.7"
Inputs Dsub15 x 2 (component via optional adapter); HDMI x 2; Display Port x 1; S-Video x 1; RCA x 1 (composite); MiniStereo x 1 (computer audio); RCA x 2 (video audio);


Eiki LC-X1100 Budget Rental Projector Orlando
Brightness (ANSI) 4,100 ANSI lumens
Native Resolution 1024x768 (XGA)
Max. Computer Input SXGA
Max. Video Input 1080i - 50/60
Contrast Ratio 800:1 (Full ON/OFF)
Panel Size 1.3" LCD
Lens Type (Throw:Width) 1.81~2.36:1
Fixed Image Offset Power Lens Shift, Ratio 10:0~1:1
Inputs HD15 x 1; DVI-D; Audio: Stereo: MiniStereo x 1 (L & R); MiniStereo x 1; BNC x 5 (RGBHV; BNC x 3 (Composite/Component: Y, Pb/Cb,Pr/Cr); RCA x 3 (Composite/Component:: Y,Pb/Cb,Pr/Cr) S-Video x 1; RCA x 2 (L & R Stereo


Large Venue Projectors
Eiki LC-X80-85 Projector Rental With punch Orlando
Display Technology 3LCD+One
Brightness (ANSI) 6,500 lumens
Native Resolution XGA (1024x768)
Max. Computer Input UXGA
Max. Video Input 1080p
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Panel Size 1.3" (inorganic)
Lens Type (Throw:Width) Supplied without lens
Power Lens Shift U/D 10:0~1:1; L/R 2:3~3:2
Keystone Correction U/D 35º; L/R 15º
Inputs Dsub15 x 1 or DVI-D (w/HDCP); BNC x 5 or BNC x 3;RCA x 1 or RCA x 3 or S-Video x 1;
Outputs Dsub15 x 1;


Large Venue HD
Christie Roadster HD14K-M
You can rent this at RAAV Rental Orlando
Display Technology 3DLP®
Brightness (ANSI) 13,500 center lumens
12,000 ANSI lumens
13,500 ISO lumens
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 HD
Standard Input
  • Twin DisplayPort input card​ 
  • Dual-link DVI
  • 3G SD/HD-SDI
  • Video decoder
Optional inputs
  • Analog (5 BNC) 
  • Dual-link DVI 
  • Dual 3G SD/HD-SDI
  • Video decoder 
  • Twin HDMI
Contrast Ratio Up to 2,500:1
Panel Size 1.2" (inorganic)
Lens Type (Throw:Width) Supplied without lens
  • HDTV formats VGA through to QXGA (2048 x 1536) 
  • Accepts all current HDTV/DTV formats 
  • Multistandard video decoder 
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling, all inputs
  • ILS lens 1.25-1.6:1 SX+/1.16-1.49:1 HD**
  • ILS lens 0.73:1 SX
  • ILS lens 1.5-2.0:1 SX+/1.4-1.8:1 HD 
  • ILS lens 2.0-2.8:1 SX+/1.8-2.6:1 HD 
  • ILS lens 2.8-4.5:1 SX+/2.6-4.1:1 HD 
  • ILS lens 4.5-7.3:1 SX+/4.1-6.9:1 HD 



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